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Still Life

Woods and Water
Waiting For Tomorrow
Tales From Long Ago
Summer Memories in the Rockies
Magic Times
In His Studio
Hunting Day
His First trip West
A Friends Tale
Waiting For The Summer Trip
Visit To The High Country
The Perfect Pattern
Snake River Memories
Silver And Leather
Planning That Special Trip
A Perfect Trip
His Treasures
Before The Hunt
A Long Time Past
Grandpa's Favorite Place
Planning A Summer Trip
Only The Earth Endures
In The Days of Sitting Bull
Hunter's Favorite Decoy
His Vices
His First Trip
From Auntie's Room
Duck Hunting Memories
Almost Black Duck Season
Almost The Season
A Cowboy's Christmas
The Last Chukker
A Good Weekend
A Letter From George
Invitation For Next Season
An Angler's Tale
Remembering A Trip Up North
High Country Memories
An Invitation From A Friend
Season's Almost Here
A Visit To Fawne Leap
Feathers, Paper and Brass
Notes From a Fellow Angler
Planning a Trip
Days Long Gone
His Favorite Decoy
Between Seasons
A Successful Season
Just Before the Season
Letter To an Old Friend
Evolution Of a Fishing Fly
A Special Place
Memories Of Yesteryear
Dry Fly Waters
Chasing the King
A Favorite Place
Angler's Treasure
Angling Memories
A Time Before Catch and Release
Past Treasures
Grandpa's Trip North
Fishing Tales
Another Day On the Test
A Letter From Up North